About Best Case Media

In 2015 we set out to change the legal online marketing space because we saw the obvious flaws in online advertising: channel confusion, a reactionary system to consumer trends, blind trust in black box algorithms, over-spending, waiting forever on creative and even longer to go live. And, of course, deciphering attribution for performance. Comprised of veteran direct marketers, lawyers, and engineers from FindLaw, LexisNexis, Hearst Media, and ENX2 Legal Marketing, we focus intensely on one simple objective:

To create for lawyers a performance marketing that actually performs.

We believe in innovation, and breaking the mold to deliver above and beyond normal expectations. We are not your average Internet marketers, and we do not deliver your average product.

You will benefit from all of the traits that make us the Best Legal Media Powerhouse: loyalty, passion, dedication, and hard work. We emphasize customer care in everything that we do; we truly value our relationships with our lawyers, and we view ourselves as an extension of their law practice. At the end of the day, our only measure of our success is your own.


What we do is get you more for less. With tested and tried marketing strategies, our team of Internet marketing experts is able to help our lawyers get more clients and more new business. This is accomplished through a series of steps that is seemingly simple, but perfectly executed. From getting you visibility on the first pages on search engines to driving more traffic your way, we work in tandem with your law practice to ensure that you are getting more qualified leads with a much higher return on your investment.


We have locations in New York City (276 5th Avenue, Suite 704, New York, NY 10001) and Houston (16225 Park Ten Place, Suite 500, Houston, TX 77084) and invite you to contact us at any time. You can reach us by phone at 877.LAW.LEAD.