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We Specialize In Driving Traffic To Your Website By Producing Fantastic, SEO Rich, Blog Content.

SEO Gurus
SEO Gurus

Keeping up with the rules and best practices for SEO is a full-time job. Lucky for you, we’ve got that, creating killer content that is 100% rule-compliant for Google, Yahoo! and Bing – optimized to get your Website pages to the top of the rankings.

Subject Experts
Subject Experts

When it comes to writers, the last thing in the world you need is a language barrier. That’s why all of our writers are college-educated, live in the good ol’ US of A, and have the expertise to write professional blog posts for Law Firms. We’ll position you as an expert in your practice area, with content that makes you shine.

Quality That Shows
Quality That Shows

There’s more to writing content than just knowing your subject. Our writers know how to capture the hearts and minds of readers, writing posts that will keep visitors engaged and wanting more. We’ll drive down the bounce rate with content that will go viral, keeping readers coming back for more, with 100% original posts.

You're In The Driver's Seat
You’re In The Driver’s Seat

The Lawyer will always be in complete control of every post, before it goes live. Free to make edits on your own or have us make whatever changes you need. And the best part? You own the content, free and clear, both now and in the future.

How The Magic Works

A little more how we do what we do so well…so you don’t have to.

Think of us as your silent partner. Our mission is to provide great content through you, the Lawyer. Our goal? To make blogging as pain-free and profitable for you as possible. Our Blog service will appear as if our writers are on your staff. We start by matching the best writers for the job with the Law Firm and their Website. We take the time to thoroughly analyze your clients. We study your collateral and site for clues into their tone, their voice, and their style. In a way, our approach is like sympathetic vibrations in the world of acoustic science. By finding the Attorney’s voice, everything we write will amplify their message with clarity. Over time, this builds a strong, written “identity” for your client, with copy that resonates throughout your brand. Our posts will deliver fresh insights, riveting stories, and copy that begs to be read. And the result is a blog that will not just be an SEO tool, but a site that grabs your readers and leaves them hungry for more. Once we’ve paired the best writer with your Law Firm, we turn them loose to research every aspect of your Practice. The writer becomes a subject-matter expert for your practice area, able to produce story after story that gives voice to your area of expertise. They’ll create 500+word articles, and then submit them to our crack team of editors for review. Then we’ll upload them to your WebsSite, and notify you to make a final review before they go live. All our posts are optimized for maximum search engine value. We include a royalty-free photo (because Google ranks blog posts with photos higher than those without). Our goal is to get every post to “go viral,” and expand the reach of your Website beyond its current viewers. Of course, what’s SEO without analytics? You’ll find our articles consistently pull great numbers within your analytics data. Readership off the charts. Bounce rates in the basement. Social media off the hook. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get some serious results and get your Website to pull the kinds of numbers most Lawyers would kill for. So, just sit back, relax, and leave the blogging to us.


Capturing eyeballs is a worthy goal, but what about leads? Good news: blogging consistently converts readers into leads, and leads into buyers. The more contact you have with a prospect, the more likely you’ll convert them into a customer. That’s the power of blogging.


There is no better or more “consistency-reliable” way to grow your Law Firm business than with consistent, compelling and relevant content. Blogging not only earns you “street cred,” with your clients it but will dramatically increase inbound links. And when other sites repost or link to your content, it’s an opportunity to capture even more new clients and establish a personal relationship with them.


In the old days, it was enough to run an ad in the paper or a spot on TV, and call it good. Not any more. People are looking for a reliable source of information they can trust. Blogs do that and represent a way to establish a two-way dialog with your clients. Engaging. Compelling. Educational. It’s the best and most efficient way to connect with your customers.


Who do you trust? Increasingly, it’s not ads or the news. No, in the Internet economy, it seems that people trust…blogs. That’s right, over 138 million people in the US read blogs for information, entertainment, and education. Blogging offers immediacy as well as a sense of community. And blogs help you connect in a very real way, directly with your customers.

In Summary, you will receive:

Full-service, Customized Blog Posts
500+ words per post, all written by us
Blogs written by Professional US based writers & Attorneys
SEO Optimized
Images included for each post
WordPress set up
Dedicated Account Manager
No contracts – cancel anytime!

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