Pay Per Click

Why Pay Per Click Is Crucial for Your Law Firm

of people seeking legal advice use a search engine when looking online.
of people who contact an attorney go on to hire an attorney.
think it is important to have a local attorney (within 25 miles).
of all law firm related website traffic comes via Mobile Search.

Source: Google Consumer Surveys, November 2013 US residents Google / FindLaw US Consumer Legal Needs Survey 2014 / FindLaw and Google Legal Marketing Experts

Your Time Is Your Most Precious Commodity

We Manage Your Digital Marketing So You Can Better Serve Your Clients

Industry & Competitor Research

Persuasive Ads to Attract More Visitors

AdWords Campaign Setup & Optimization

Bid Management to Maximize Your ROI

Geo-Targeted Keywords to Reach Local clients

Optimization Updates, Live Conferences and Reports

Call and Conversion Tracking

Full focus on ROI with Call and Conversion Tracking

One of the most important aspects of Google AdWords campaigns is the ability to track them properly. Most local businesses rely on both contact form submissions and phone calls to drive leads for them. At Best Case Media we include tracking of both forms and phone calls.

This allows us to optimize your campaigns based on what really matters – leads.

Dedicated Team of Certified AdWords Professionals

Each client in Best Case Media receives a dedicated team of experienced PPC professionals. Your point-of-contact is a certified AdWords professional with a proven track-record in local campaigns and he is backed by a PPC Supervisor with years of experience.

Adwords Professionals

Local Strategies

Strategies Developed for Local Lawyers

Creating and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns for local law firms requires unique strategies. In Best Case Media we use internal strategies to ensure that you get most out of Google AdWords without a lot of risk.

This includes keyword selection, ad copy tricks to attract clients and geo-targeting to only show ads in areas where people are actually searching for your legal service.

Target Customers on the Go with Google Mobile Ads

More than 50% of all searches with commercial intent are made from a mobile device. This constitutes a huge amount of traffic and prospective clients that with a proper Google Mobile Ads strategy you can take full advantage of.

This includes click-to-call extensions to get calls directly from people “clicking” your ad as well as having directions and smartphone specific ads to maximize your ROI.

Google Mobile Ads

Our Process

Free Evaluation

Who Is Involved?

Digital Media Advisor & Client

Choose Best-suited PPC Plan

Digital Media Advisor & Client

Onboarding & Welcome Call with Team

PPC Strategist, PPC Supervisor & Client

Campaign Development, Approval & Launch

PPC Strategist, PPC Supervisor & Client

Ongoing Optimizations

PPC Strategist & Client

Plans & Price

4 optimizations
33% of Net Ad Spend per month
$1099 One-time Setup Fee
4 optimizations
34% of Net Ad Spend per month
$799 One-time Setup Fee
2 optimizations
35% of Net Ad Spend per month
$649 One-time Setup Fee
Budget Requirement
Budget Requirement $10,000 – $7,000 per month $6,999 – $4,000 per month $3,999 – $1,000 per month
Competitor Research
Performance Analysis
AdWords Setup
New Campaign Development
Keyword Research
Strategic Match Type
Negative Keyword Implementation
Tailored Ad Copy
Ad Extension Setup
AdWords Optimization
Ad Testing
Bid & Budget Management
Keyword Expansion
Search Term Analysis
Negative Keyword Research
Call Quality Analysis
AdWords Attribution Analysis
Campaign Expansion
Google Mobile Ads
Strategic Bid Management
Ad Copy for Mobile
Ad Extensions for Mobile
Google Analytics
Conversion Tracking
Keyword Level Call Tracking
Code Installation
Minutes Included 400 300 200
PPC Monthly Report Monthly Monthly Monthly
Call Tracking Report Monthly Monthly Monthly
Optimization Updates Weekly Weekly Bi-weekly
Conference Calls Bi-weekly Monthly Monthly

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