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Recent data shows that over
of online searchers are influenced by social media before making purchasing decisions.

Over a third of your potential clients will interact with your online profiles in some form or another before making a single call or email. In the right hands, social media can become a powerful tool for your law firm, drawing in more visitors and creating more revenue. Unfortunately, you may find yourself a little too busy running your law practice to maintain a LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or any other kind of social networking profile.

Don’t worry-that’s why Best Case Media exists. Your marketing team includes a Local SEO Specialist, who is solely committed to handling your online presence with precision and immediacy. Their job is simple: use social media platforms to promote and strengthen your law practice, driving leads and maximizing your revenue using both paid and free resources.

We handle everything about your social presence, from making sure your firm’s name, address, and phone number are consistent across the web, to promoting your law firm’s content and brand on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Our efforts allow you to engage with potential clients in niche spaces, creating cases from places you have yet to reach.

What does your law firm social media presence look like? What should it look like?

Social media is an area of confusion for many lawyers – especially for solo lawyers and small firms who don’t have the time to spend figuring it out.

A common question: Does my law firm really need a social media presence?

The answer is yes, and here’s why.

  • Your social media presence can reach prospects and referral sources who may not actively be looking for a lawyer. By engaging and educating them, you establish top-of-mind awareness which positions you to receive future work and/or referrals.
  • Your social media presence demonstrates that you’re reachable and approachable. Many people are intimidated by attorneys – particularly if they’ve never hired one before. Your social media presence creates a comfortable and familiar touchpoint.
  • Your social media presence can make you look like an expert. Hiring an attorney is a big decision, and your prospective clients want to know that they can trust you. You can use social media to develop this trust by demonstrating your expert status – for example, by sharing blogs you’ve written, videos you’ve produced, speaking engagements, and so forth.

This list could go on and on, but we’ll stop here for now… because if you’re like most lawyers, you’ve accepted that social media is important, you just aren’t sure where and how to begin.

Here’s What We Recommend for Almost All Lawyers

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook is a dominant social network, and your firm needs a presence there. Note that a business page is different than your personal Facebook profile!

  • Twitter Profile
  • Twitter is exploding in popularity. It provides a great forum for real-time engagement as well as the opportunity to share content, industry news, and links back to your website.

  • LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • Most lawyers have a profile, but is it up-to-date and optimized?

  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • This gives you another channel for promotion on LinkedIn, a valuable network particularly for business-to-business firms.

  • Google+ Business Page
  • Google+ is a popular social network, but even more importantly, it’s taken very seriously by Google’s search algorithm, so staying active on Google+ can help your search results.

Why Having a Professional Matters

Social media, when handled well, has a less-obvious advantage: they help increase your ranking and your authority. “Authority” is a measurement of your business’ credibility in your field, as well as how trustworthy your profile’s information is. The more profiles you have and the more consistently they are maintained, the more search engines will consider your website trustworthy for users. As a result, the higher your business will rank in search results.

Having a strong online presence is a matter of both quality and quantity. One or two profiles might be doable, but our Local SEO Specialists can maintain over a hundred profiles on your behalf, created with one goal in mind: creating new clients and revenue for your business.

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