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Is Your Firm missing out on one of the fast growing online segments in the U.S. – Hispanics? According to Advertising Age’s 10th Annual Hispanic Fact Pack – Annual Guide To Hispanic Marketing And Media for 2013:

Hispanic media spending grew 11% in 2012.
2012 ad spending in Hispanic media reached $8 billion.
The median age of U.S. Hispanics is 28 vs 37 for overall U.S. Population.
26% of U.S. population under age five is Hispanic

This segment is growing and will continue to grow for many years. The  median age of 28 is a very tech-savvy age.

Our Attorney Spanish Website Services Include:

  • Spanish Website Design & Development – We can build a custom design or use we can use the English website as a template for the Spanish version
  • Spanish Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We optimize the pages of the Spanish website for Spanish keyword phrases. We optimize the code of the site to be Search Engine friendly.
  • Spanish Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management – We Setup/Manage PPC campaigns that target Spanish keyword phrases with Ads we write in Spanish.
  • Spanish Content Writing – We write articles, web pages, blog posts and press releases and then translate them in Spanish to be used in marketing campaigns, website updates and more.
  • Spanish Website Content Translating – If you have an existing English website you want to use as a template , we can translate your current English website into Spanish creating a Spanish version of your website that looks and feels like the English version.

Having a Spanish version of your firm’s website has two major benefits:

  • Search Engines Like It – Optimized Spanish content can rank for Spanish searches in Google so that your Spanish pages becomes a source of targeted traffic.

If you learn, from your web stats, that some of the Spanish keyword phrases your website ranks for convert really well, you can now use those same pages as landing pages for a Spanish Pay Per Click campaign. This can be a powerful combo because the Cost-Per-Click on Spanish keyword phrases is typically much lower than the English versions of the same keywords.

  • Give Them Options To Get Better Conversions – Giving them the option to learn more about your firm in the language they are most comfortable in will give you better conversions from native Spanish speakers.

We have seen many times where the top referring domain sending traffic to a client’s Spanish website was the original English version. In fact, we see that some visitors enter the website on Spanish pages and then switch to the English version for the rest of their time on the site.

Spanish Websites Designed To Connect With Your Hispanic Visitors

Improper translations for the cultural demographics of your target market can relay a bad message to potential patients. However, a Spanish site that addresses the language and culture of your target area correctly can show caring and understanding for clients before they even schedule their first appointment.

These crucial efforts will inspire loyalty to your practice and result in valuable family and friend referrals from happy clients who know their needs are being given the respect and consideration they deserve.

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