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Law Firm Web Hosting. Not all Hosting is the Same.

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About Web Hosting and Email for Law Firms

Hosting makes a difference. We have created a reliable, secure and fast network. Backed by our same-day support team, we keep your website and email running.

We believe that a reliable, supported network saves you costs over the course of a year. You don’t have to worry that your website or email will fail at the wrong moment.

However, if there ever is an issue, you don’t have to wait for support. We are available 24/7/365. We have even answered client requests on Christmas Day!

Our hosting may cost more than a discount provider. However, when you factor in your time, effort and headaches from a down server, we are always the more cost-effective solution.

Key Benefits

  • Headache-Free Hosting Lowers Your Costs
  • Don’t just look at monthly charges. Factor in your “headache” time. If your server crashes, you’ll lose client inquiries and waste time. Reliable hosting is cost-effective.

  • Our Servers are Reliable
  • Our servers are 99.99% reliable on their uptime.

  • We Take Care of the Technical Details
  • Why worry about technical features such as PHP, MySQL, ASP, GB and more? We make your job easy.

Features of Web Hosting and Email

  • Support Available 24/7
  • We have a support team that can answer any question and fix your problem the same day.

  • Nightly Backup
  • No worries about losing important data or information.

  • Email & Webmail
  • Our email system is reliable and quick and includes features such as spam guard, anti-virus protection and webmail.

  • 99.99% Reliability
  • Many hosting services will try to impress you with 99% Reliability, but that isn’t enough. Do the math. If your site is down 1% of the time, that equates to almost four days a year. Yikes. We deliver 99.99% reliability. Accept nothing less.

  • Spam Protection
  • We protect your email by not allowing spammers to harvest your email address from the website. We also include spam protection and virus protection at the server level.

  • Antivirus Protection
  • Our antivirus programs detect and removes viruses from emails, Internet downloads and removable media from your PC. Outbreak alerts and automatic updates keep you constantly protected from the latest threats.

  • Speed
  • Dynamic menus, news flashes, CSS styles, printer friendly pages, vCards, calendars, W3C compliancy, search reports and more.

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