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Showcase your knowledge with White Papers from Best Case Media. We are a team of storytellers and technologists using content to create new ways to connect law firms and their respective audience. This of us as the voice for being Board Certified in a subject matter. Our premier White Papers, each custom written to meet your needs in your voice, reinforces your position as a thought leader among your peers and adds to your credibility among your clients. Demonstrate your knowledge and market perspective with our Best White Papers.

  • Inspired by your interests, experience and perspective, our team of writers will collaborate with you to co-produce an exclusive white paper that reflects your passion and knowledge about a particular legal issue.

  • Branded with professional layout and custom design and graphics which are aligned with your existing web presence.

  • Promoted using Best Case Media’s extensive knowledge of online legal marketing. Your white paper will achieve remarkable visibility through a content marketing program leveraging social media, blog posts, a custom SlideShare presentation and strategic paid advertising – all focused on engaging potential clients who are looking for someone with your unique expertise.

  • Impactful to your website’s visibility and your firm’s overall market presence. A post-campaign report will be sent to you detailing metrics such as traffic generated, campaign reach and impressions, social engagement and on-site interactions.

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